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"Leaders should use intelligence in a targeted manner to win the influence wars."

Robert L. Dilenschneider, from the book, A Briefing for Leaders

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Since its founding in 1991, The Dilenschneider Group has provided timely and thoughtful research on the important issues of the day. Client-centric reports about business, technology or financial situations are at the core of services that the Group provides a critical element for success.

The Group's biannual Trend Report takes a broad look at today's hot-button issues, any one of which could have a significant impact on society or business. With this perspective in mind, and based on discussions with literally hundreds of experts in diverse fields including business, finance, journalism, the arts, academia, and the non-profit sector whom we traditionally query, the Group identifies noteworthy trends. The Trend Reports ultimate focus is on critical thinking and how you might apply that in your life, your business or in whatever other pursuits you follow.
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"Occasional Papers" Series

Our new series entitled "Occasional Papers" covers subjects of special significance to the times we live in.

We open with “The War Between Optimism & Pessimism”, which is particularly timely since it explores the ongoing conflict between those who view the march of technological innovation as healthy for the U.S. economy and those who fear it is a job-destroying danger to our future.

The author, Joel Kurtzman, is a Senior Consultant to The Dilenschneider Group, a Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute, and a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School. We think you will find his piece thought-provoking as well as informative.

The War Between Optimism & Pessimism    new
The "Back to Basics" Red Booklets

This series of booklet was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Dilenschneider Group, which was founded in October, 1991, to serve corporate, institutional, organizational, and individual clients around the world. The overarching theme of the series, "Back to Basics", is designed to give our clients and friends a different perspective on some of the key managerial issues facing most business enterprises. We hope you will find them of interest.

Hope    new

A Quarter Century (1991-2016); The Words & The Deeds    new

The Imperative Of Valuing Loyalty    new


Why Community Service Matters

Have You Done Enough?

The Art of Disagreement

C.I.V.I.L.I.T.Y (Different from A Return to Civility)

The Age of Apology

The Lost Art of Listening

Why Accountability Matters

Two Decades (1991-2011), The Words & The Deeds

Four Little Words That Help To Define A Winning Management Style

Five Mistakes People Make Reading Body Language – And Five Nonverbal Signals That Send Positive Messages

The Underappreciated Art Of Saying "Thank You"

A Return To Civility

July 2010
The Age of Apology
May 2009
A Citizens' Solutions Guide Series
by Public Agenda,

Education, Sept. 2012
The Federal Budget, May 2012
Immigration, Sept. 2012
Healthcare, Aug. 2012
Energy, June 2012
Jobs and The Economy, Sept. 2012
Civility in America
Essays from America's Thought Leaders
Year: 2011

In every sector of American society, civility has declined—from vicious political rhetoric to attacks in the blogosphere and lack of personal decency.

In 2011, The Dilenschneider Group sponsored a series of lectures on civility in conjunction with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

Collected in this volume are the thoughts of some of the nation's most insightful minds as they explore this crisis and offer their opinions as to how we can restore civility in society.

• HENRY KAUFMAN on Civility in the Financial Sector
• CHARLES OSGOOD on Civility in the Media
• JOHN BRADEMAS on Civility in Public Life
• STEVE FORBES on Civility in Corporate America
• PHILIP K. HOWARD on Civility in Society
• MICKEY EDWARDS on Civility in Politics With an introduction by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC
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June 2010
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January 2007
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November 2006
The Impact Of The Democratic Win On Business Interests
October 2006
The Many Facets of Google
Implications of North Korea's Nuclear Test
September 2006
33rd Trend & Forecasting Report
June 2006
July G8 Summit Special - Russia/US Relations & Business Implications
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