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We provide to a limited and select few access to the finest communications professionals in the world, with experience in fields ranging from mergers and acquisitions and crisis communications to marketing, government affairs and international media. Our objectives are to bring our clients a level of communications counsel, creativity and an exposure to networks and contacts not available elsewhere.


How To Network Successfully When You're Over 40
July 9, 2013

Robert L. Dilenschneider contributes to
Next Avenue an excerpt from his book "The Critical 2nd Phase of Your Professional Life: Keys to Success From Age 35 to 50", an article also picked up by Forbes.

Read it on Next Avenue and Forbes.
Check out the book now on Amazon.

Robert L. Dilenschneider:
My father, my hero
June 16, 2013

Many of us hold our parents as heroic figures. Robert L. Dilenschneider recounts in an editorial for Fox News how his father gave him his first true lessons in ethics, civility, good parenting and what made him a personal hero.

Read this editorial on Fox News.

Robert L. Dilenschneider: Leader to Leader
March 14, 2013

Robert L. Dilenschneider contributes to "Leader to Leader", an award-winning quarterly journal that brings leaders together to address the strategic issues we face in these trying times. His article is entitled "Elevating Our Standards For Civility Leadership".

Read the article here.
More on Leader to Leader.

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Series on Civility in America to Be Held in Stamford
Aug. 28, 2012

The Dilenschneider Group and the City of Stamford will sponsor a series of speeches on civility in America in areas such as politics, entertainment, the arts, education, sports and business.

The series will be held at Ferguson Library in Stamford and run from September 2012 through May 2013 and will be hosted in conjunction with Hearst Corporation.

"There is no question that we are in the midst of a very real civility crisis in America," said Robert L. Dilenschneider of Darien, founder and president of the Dilenschneider Group, a strategic communications firm. "We and our nation's leaders need to recognize the gravity of our current predicament and reassess the trajectory of our national discourse."

Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia, who has spoken on the need for civility in politics, said his goal is to make Stamford the most civil city in America. He added, "Nowhere else in the United States does a city have such a commitment of its citizens to effect real social change. I am convinced this series will remind all of us of our heritage of civil discourse, which dates back to George Washington, and has continued throughout our history."

Public opinion polls show that in every sector of society, civility has declined, and this decline is manifested in political attacks, lack of personal decency, outrage in the media and cyber-assaults in the blogosphere.

The scheduled speakers include News Anchor Ernie Anastos; Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine; former Commissioner of Major League Baseball Fay Vincent; head of the J. Paul Getty Trust James Cuno; former Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton; head of the American Management Association Edward Reilly; former New York City schools Chancellor Joel Klein; and head of the Institute of International Education, Allan Goodman.

In 2011, the Dilenschneider Group sponsored a series on civility in conjunction with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York City. Those talks, which featured commentator Charles Osgood, publisher and editor Steve Forbes, economist Henry Kaufman and congressmen Mickey Edwards and John Brademas, were later published in a book titled "Civility in America."

2012/2013 Schedule and list of Speakers

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